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Sportsman-like: Matt Griffin and Action Shooting

August 20, 2012

Sportsman-like is a (hopefully) recurring feature in which I talk to an expert in a relatively obscure sport, and have them explain to me some of the rules, and also talk a little bit about whether they think their sport qualifies as a game, or if it’s something else entirely. This installment also takes the form of a podcast, marking another first both for the site and for myself.

My guest today is Revolver Grand Master Matthew Griffin, and we talked a little bit about Action Shooting, and what differentiates it from all the other shooting events out there. Much to my chagrin, we never quite got around to directly addressing whether or not it counts as a game as well as a sport, but I have a handy excuse: it’s self-evidently very game-like, complete with objective (if arbitrary) scoring standards, level design, interesting choices, and enough other stuff to fit just about any definition you can come up with. I wish I’d thought to ask about a little more detail regarding the design of courses, but for the most part I was struggling just to keep up with the basics.

Many thanks to Matt for his time and also for putting up with my down-right amateurish interview and podcast skills.


Direct Download link.

Resources mentioned on the podcast:

If you know somebody who would like to be the subject of a future Sportsman-like feature, please leave me a message or drop me an e-mail at charles<at>

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