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What this is.

The Rules on the Field is a blog pertaining to sports and game design. It features my original pieces, as well as relevant articles and links from around the internet.


Sports are among the most widely played games that our culture has produced. They’re the product of generations of refinement and countless playtests. But due to some cultural accidents about the antecedents of board games (war gaming) and computer games (early techies) the game development community doesn’t tend to take sports seriously.

Just as we’re quickly approaching a majority of the population being “gamers”, so are we realizing that game designers represent diverse interests with diverse backgrounds. Although many game designers are personally interested in sports from a hobbyist or spectator perspective, there isn’t a lot of serious treatment. There’s a lot that mainstream game design can learn from sports design. I’m hoping to do a small part towards bridging that gap.

What this isn’t.

This isn’t a blog about sports, or about sports games, or even about e-sports. While these topics may come up, they aren’t the primary focus.

Who I am.

I’m Charles Wheeler, a computer programmer by trade and hobbyist game designer. I played sports extensively through high school, and have a well rounded background in sports and athletics. I’m not an expert in any game, or any sport. However, I have a broad generalist point of view that I hope can provide an interesting perspective.

I’ve also done a small amount of writing on games and game culture, a few of my pieces can be found here:

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